Wednesday, April 04, 2007

the future

i'm glad i wasn't able to see into the future when i was 16. although i'm happy with the way life has worked out, i think it would have freaked me out too much to see things like my 14 year-old daughter changing the diaper of my friend eva's 2 year-old son (admittedly, the idea of having a 14 year-old daughter would have freaked me out plenty). eva was my friend and my brother's first girlfriend (we lived in katonah, new york), and fate somehow brought us both to portland, maine, where she was one of my kids' favorite babysitters until they got big. and now bean babysits eva's baby, elliot.

so that is my sleepy, 6am philosophical take on watching bean babysit funny elliot yesterday. boo and i went by to lend a hand, so we got to witness the momentous diaper change, bean's first!

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Anonymous said...

congratulations to Zoekins !!!