Monday, March 12, 2007

lost in the interweb

i can't quite get anything worthwhile started this morning, because while researching puppies for my mom, who just may be in the market for one (but not just any old puppy), i became wrapped up in the bizarre goings-on at puppiesandponies.

in my research, i learned the true identity of our minnow dog (previously believed to be a "north american smiling spaniel"). he is officially recognized by the american canine hybrid club as a "comfort retriever." which led me to puppiesandponies, also known as c&s ranch, run by a christian homeschooling family. they breed a scary number of different kinds of dogs, plus ponies. and cats. on the home page, the mom has a lot to say, including:

"Okay, we are now raising some cross breeds. YES!!!!! Many of you are thrilled! Some of you are really nasty and mean to me about it. That's okay, you need Jesus too to help you with your anger problem."

then if you're so bold as to click on prayer req and tidbits, you learn way too much about the folks at puppiesandponies:

"Please pray for K & D both need salvation and to be delivered from their sin. Their marriage needs to be restored and their children need the stability of a real family. Please pray that God work in a mighty way for this young family....... 2-5-07

Please pray for the woman that is harrassing us.......God is doing a work here and we need to pray that His will be done in her life (as well as ours as this has been QUITE a faith building experience! To God be the Glory!!) and that she learns whatever it is that He wants her to learn. That she is able to let go of the anger and bitterness within her soul that drives her to hurt others. Pray for her TRUE salvation and TRUE repentance. Pray that she learns Gods proper order and that God Himself put "man" above the animals. Also that not all raising of animals is bad. God loves every child in my home far more then any animal on this earth. He required MANY animal sacrifices to save His people. Then finally Jesus came as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Matthew 10:31 Says "Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows."


margot said...

aaah! disturbing!!

Anonymous said...

what type of dog does your mom want


Liz Woodbury said...

do you know what a schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix) looks like? she saw one she loved. she wants a medium-sized dog, fuzzy faced or slightly spaniel-ish or terrier-ish, but it can't look too much like her dearly departed dogs. also, she really wants a young puppy.

Anonymous said...

you do realize, don't you, that you have now caused your blog to pop up in ever weirder google searches? eg, if i wanted to contact "christian specists" I might run into .....YOU! thank you for not praying for my puppy fetish...I think part of the problem is not meeting any of these dogs in person, so to speak. It feels like computer dating. no dog tongues on your cheek...anyway, I am going to wait for serious hunting until April 12.