Monday, August 28, 2006


my apologies, by the way, for not wishing individual happy birthdays to crazy girl, artemis, and miss glissando, who celebrated their eleventh, fifteenth, and fourteenth birthdays over the last three days. so happy birthday, all you virgos (crazy girl is absolutely on the cusp of leo, i might add)!!

yesterday, in honor of miss gliss's birthday (or maybe because it was a cool, breezy august day and m was off work), we drove up to damariscotta. first, m and boo walked to the end of a long dock (one of their favorite activities), while bean and i took in some local history:

my ship

it's a shame that the word "plucky" isn't much in use anymore, isn't it?

we ate a medicocre lunch, browsed at maine coast books, checked out weatherbird, which carries our shirts (well, we peeked through the windows, since it was closed), and went into some other shops. on the way home, we stopped in wiscasset at rock paper scissors and smitten, which reminds me a lot of nested in carrboro. david and ellen would love this place.

they have these incredible black violets in their window box -- big, and jet black. next year, i want to plan a black garden. or at least a pot of black flowers...


Anonymous said...

may we address you as ms. lizzie merry now? !

Liz Woodbury said...

why yes! reminds me a bit of "the mary esther," no?

Anonymous said...

That sounds like such a good day! Wish we'd done something as ambitious for the 14th birthday of Miss Gliss. But we had a very nice time. The girls and I are now on our way to what may be a cool clothing store in Kennebunk that an Old Port store owner told us about. If it's good, I'll let you know!