Monday, May 15, 2006

weekend report

we actually had an extremely action-packed weekend, and i of course neglected to photograph any of it for your viewing pleasure. alas. let me sum it up for you verbally, at least:

on saturday afternoon, bean, boo, and i got to do some "non-acting" in a music video made by our friend enoch for the kennebunk, maine-based acta non verba. you can even listen to the song, murderous beautiful sweet romance. wow, was it glamorous doing our parts in the freezing rain on the rotting docks off commercial street. actually, we all three had a great time; they are a very nice band, and we can't wait to see the video when it's finished. one of the best parts was watching boo get his scary-looking head wound applied by the makeup crew.

after that, we cooked our famous indian style vegan crepes for mom and dad and stayed up late watching waking life, which we all loved (i can't believe i hadn't gotten around to seeing it before now).

sunday we had our traditional artemesia mother's day brunch, baked up a quick blueberry buckle, and headed over to the memorial gathering in honor of miss glissando's gramps, who just died a couple of weeks ago. we were really honored to be included in the party and celebration of his life (mom and dad were invited, too).

later that day, the found posse came over for dinner before davy's show at the st. lawrence (okay, let me add another friend to my list of famous friends and relatives, cause davy has his very own wikipedia entry!). the show was amazing, as usual, hysterically funny, pottymouthed, and touching all in one. boo did a great job introducing "my VERY good friend, DAVY ROTHBART!" and both bean and boo got to go up and read a couple of finds on stage. miss glissando and mama d came, and they even brought along a cousin.

and there you have it, the story of my weekend.

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Anonymous said...

We were also honored to have all the available Woodbury-Highs come to Dad's party! And the cousin, who had never heard of Found, is now a real fan. If his parents will let him go out on a school night next Thursday, he can see a show in Alexandria which is both Found and Postsecret! Am I jealous? Just a little. The only thing I would like to see more is Joanna Newsom.