Wednesday, May 17, 2006

i guess it's just me who's not famous

boo, my intrepid online researcher, has had to break it to me that i know many, many, many, many... even more famous people than that, if what we're going by is IMDB. okay, basically everyone who works at videoport, or has ever worked at videoport, has a listing there. still, i remain most impressed by my very own brother's fame!

in another of boo's googling adventures, he uncovered this and this and this. it's kind of like being john malkovich, which i was just describing to bean the other day, realizing that she needs to see it soon because she'll love it. you know, that scene in the restaurant when everyone has a malkovich head? imagine that, only it would be: meiklejohn. meiklejohn, meiklejohn.

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