Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Breathe like you love yourself



Twenty-five days in a row I've gotten up at 5:30* to get a glimpse of Benji and do yoga with Adriene! It really is a great way to start the day, although I haven't quite adjusted my bedtime to be in line, and I am really really tired by 3pm.

What else? We attended a virtual engagement party this weekend, and ice skated on a pond at dusk, stayed too long, and stumbled back through the dark woods in search of our parking spot. Actually, that was like a bonus moonlight hike, lovely. And we had the whole frozen pond to ourselves, except for two hockey kids who took breaks to do jumps and spins on their skates. You know those kids who have clearly been running around on ice skates since they could barely walk?

Things are weirdly snowless around here for late January, and now that I've written those words, it will undoubtedly snow like crazy (fingers crossed. I mean, we live in Maine!).

*Theo is delighted to see me at 5:30, he's the king of the house at that hour. He's a furry host, welcoming me, rolling around on the yoga mat underneath my downward dog and plank, licking my fingers and toes.

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