Sunday, January 31, 2021

Alive, alive

When I search my photos for "Clover" I get many pictures of my dog, but also this one, like a bonus magic lucky charm:

Lil Benny!

It's cold outside, actually January-cold, and I am being lazy about it, although I guarantee later Mark will encourage me out onto a frozen body of water in my skates because we have to get that ice before snow falls on it. Yesterday we met up with the newly-engaged Melissa and Erik to walk in the cemetery, bundled and masked. Right now I just want to sip coffee all day and sit in a comfortable spot with a dog chin on my leg and maybe a crossword puzzle. Maybe a piece of toast. 

Tomorrow is February, the longest shortest most mispronounced month of all. A very exciting thing is happening, but I'll say no more for fear of jinxing it.

Recommendations of the Month:

Do some yoga.
Listen to all the podcasts with Jenny Odell.
Go outside even if it's cold, you might see an enormous round of robins, all puffed up in their winter coats!

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