Wednesday, November 06, 2019

November like a train wreck

May I just say that the two guys I was really hoping wouldn't win didn't win. Local politics in a progressive town can be a funny thing. It's not as though it doesn't matter, because it surely does, and there are some who favor bulldozer development and plenty o' Airbnbs and so on, while others are focused on keeping addicts alive and remembering that they, along with homeless folks and poor people and newcomers, are fully human.

But the two guys I don't like I mainly don't like for personal reasons. So it's amusing to be in a city so small that you can vote against someone, say, because they have given you a funny, frowning look as if to say "Do I know you?" every single time you, their neighbor, have waved and called out, "Hi!" in passing. 

More local news:

It's unrelated.
I suspect this anecdote may be apocryphal.
Kevin, sit down. I'm going to explain Airbnb to you.

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