Thursday, November 07, 2019

Here is a heart

If you, like me, are frequently overwhelmed by...all of it, perhaps you will enjoy these suggestions of relaxing things to listen to/watch!

Veronica Mars Investigations: I guess your satisfaction will depend on whether you've watched Veronica Mars, and how you feel about podcast pals Helen Zaltzman and Jenny Owen Youngs. They go episode-by-episode, so you can watch along with them. I find their discussion of the plot/plot holes and the characters' outfits immensely soothing, and I'm always sad when each episode ends.

Office Ladies: Again, enjoyment of this is undoubtedly dependent on your level of enthusiasm for The Office, and Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are silly and chatty and repeat each other's sentences like the real-life BFFs they are ("That was so funny!" "So funny!" "Everyone was really nice!" "Really, really nice!"). It's as sweet as the Great British Baking Show, full of admiration for the cast and crew of the show and fun behind-the-scenes stories. Like Veronica Mars Investigations, it goes episode by episode so you can follow along.

The Great British Baking Show: Obviously. Kind British bakers and judges. Baked goods. Proofing drawers, biscuits, meat pies, Victoria Sponge. 

Schitt's Creek: It took me long enough, but once I started watching this I found it hard to stop. It's funny and charming and Canadian. Moira Rose forever.

Okay, looks like that's only four things, but it's a start. Good luck out there.

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