Tuesday, November 12, 2019

As if it had mattered, all of it, every second

It's warm-your-nose-with-your-fluffy-tail season!

The day started off on a shaky note, when I went to fire up the trusty laptop and it just wouldn't turn on. After I'd roused my in-house IT guy from sleep, it magically turned itself on, and then I felt terrible for robbing him of 20 more minutes snuggled up with the forest creature pictured above.

So, fingers crossed, re: laptop. Mark did something to it that may help? Not sure, he's the IT department around here. I did work through all my stuff to make sure there would be no disaster if I were laptop-less for a few days (i.e. it's all in the cloud, I just need to remember how to find all my passwords, etc.).

And then I slippy slid on the icy front steps and dithered for way too long about which jacket to wear (it was freezing, but raining). I went for the rain jacket, and now I'm trapped at the coffee shop watching snow fall outside. It's so cozy, but long past lunch time and a person can only drink so many cups of coffee (1 caf and 1 decaf) and eat so many slices of pumpkin bread (1) before a person needs some peanut butter or something.

I never feel quite prepared for winter. We have dug out the aforementioned accessories and located the ice cleats/snow pants/bucket of sand/et al. Closed storm windows, found extra blankets and hots bags of corn. Still. 

Okay, wish me luck as I head out into a damp November mini-blizzard.

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