Sunday, November 17, 2019

3. Point out beauty when you can.

This Tom Hanks Story Will Help You Feel Less Bad

My Friend Mister Rogers

It turns out that I really can't wait to see this movie.

Looking up. This building is famous! And it's slated for demolition within the next five years!

I can't help mentioning the weather, because wow it's been cold. It's truly a shock to the system when the weather goes from late October to February so abruptly. We are mixing up the dogs' activity, so that Clover gets a chance to romp off leash and play with other dogs a few times a week, while we protect Gus's achy joints from overdoing it. We all went to the beach yesterday and ran around on the sand, so today I strolled with Gus around the neighborhood while Mark and Clover went to the woods. Gus, honestly, is fine with this scenario, especially if he gets unfettered sniffing time and a few opportunities to bark at other dogs. 

It's an awkward time of year, everything bare and sparse and pale, starting to look like it really wants to be covered with a few inches of fresh snow so it can sparkle a little bit. The sky, though, was covered with those jittery little clouds, and we mostly stuck to the sunny side of the street. I was thinking about Minnow today, the way he would strut down the sidewalk and more or less ignore approaching dogs (he was polite, but we always described him as "more of a cat person"). Gus lives to interact with other dogs, but he has strong opinions and a clear bias against brachycephalic dogs (despite plenty of pleasant interactions with them, including one time he wouldn't stop licking the ears of a French bulldog). Back in the days of romping on the dog beach, he also (I am ashamed to say) gave three-legged dogs a particularly hard time.

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