Tuesday, April 09, 2019

I think it is important to be quiet and in love with park benches

I like to reminisce about how our long-ago instructor in dog class never did get that our dog's name was "Bird," and called him "Bert" instead, for weeks.

I had a dream the other night about nine year old Isaac with his long blond hair and pre-braces teeth. He was a little morose, and was listening to (I think) Death Cab For Cutie through giant headphones. 

Why didn't anyone tell me about these rainbow colored squirrels in India??

Rukmini Callimachi has the most beautiful, soothing voice I've ever heard. Just imagine if you could listen to her softly telling you bedtime stories as you fell asleep, or gently narrating your directions on Google Maps. Unfortunately, the stories she tells are mainly about the Islamic State. Seriously, though, her reporting is brave and masterful, and I recommend listening to Caliphate

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