Saturday, January 05, 2019

Mitochondria hummed

Lovely things that happened today:

  • I stumbled across this podcast, 10 Things That Scare Me, via Brooke Gladstone's episode (she's a host of On The Media, one of my favorites). First of all, this was absolutely wonderful, and I identify so hard with many of her fears, especially her number one fear. Other guests include Samin Nosrat, Blair Braverman, and more of my favorites (and for some reason, Anthony Scaramucci?). Each episode is only about six minutes long.
  • Goat milk in my coffee.
  • I did some errands and ran into several people I like a lot and had nice chats with them.
  • I saw two corgis and two dogs in skirts at PetSmart. Then my cashier had a terrible black eye, gone all green and purple, and she cheerfully told me about how she'd ridden the family's ATV into a hot tub.
  • I'm on day five of basically no sugar, and I'm probably jinxing my plan to detoxify myself (specifically of sugar) (just for a couple of weeks) by mentioning it here, but I don't feel as crappy as I did last time I did this.
  • My cashier at Trader Joe's told me her 12 year old black lab is the best person she knows.

This would be my dream job if they allowed dogs and either Mark or I had a Coast Guard commercial boat operator's license.

Stay gold, Ponyboy

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