Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Impeach Facebook

As I contemplate quitting The Book of Faces and Twitter (I am definitely taking some time away from both this month), I've been making mental pro and con lists, trying to sort out what's positive and healthy, what's necessary or at least convenient, how I can use social media so it doesn't use me.

Some of the pertinent issues I'm facing with loosening my connection are getting news, learning about cool stuff, connecting with other people, expressing myself.

I still use an RSS reader almost every day, where I read blogs, basically (are they all blogs? Do we still call them blogs?). I still blog, with (obviously) great irregularity and half-heartedness. Does anyone besides my mom still read it? Do I care? (I'm not implying that I don't, just that I'm uncertain.)

My brother is thinking of doing a newsletter, which I would enthusiastically add to my list of newsletters, and would read with even more enthusiasm than I read the ones I already subscribe to! I add and subtract them as the whim takes me. I am not a paying subscriber to any of them (which often gets you extra issues/deals/info), at least not yet. Maybe I want to write a newsletter? Do I?

Newsletters I always love:

Laura Olin (Everything good. She describes it as lovely/meaningful things, and it is!)
The Collected AHP from Anne Helen Petersen

Newsletters I almost always love:

Leah Finnegan
Carrie Frye's Black Cardigan
Austin Kleon
Strange Times ("...a day-by-day rereading of the weirdest articles printed in the 1921 New York Times. Starring gangsters, killers, bootleggers, madmen and jazz, it is a weekly reminder that the past was stranger than we think.")

Newsletters I sometimes love:

R. Eric Thomas's Here For It
Two Bossy Dames
Jamie Varon's Friday Letters
The Shatner Chatner (Oh how I want it to be the Toast, but alas, it is not.)

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