Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Every morning another chapter where the hero shifts from one foot to the other

  • The sound of the dishwasher just doing its methodical job early in the morning is miraculous and soothing.
  • There is a worried pup curled at my feet, and across the room a cat, oblivious, threatens to knock a picture off the wall in his campaign for second breakfast.*
  • The NPR people are my constant companions, an intelligent background murmur.
  • Murmur, what a word, huh?
  • Upstairs, three sleeping humans.

*I keep a supply of rubber bands to shoot, not at Theo, but adjacent to him, when he is gently terrorizing this way. I love this cat, but a person's gotta get some work done some time.

It doesn't scare him. It diverts his attention in the direction of the rubber bands. It is extremely satisfying on my end.

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