Monday, November 05, 2018

Would you like anything to read?

A Child's Christmas in Wales
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I have been trying to be better organized about great articles I've read, books I'd like to read, pieces I mean to go back to later when I have more time. I'll let you know if I stumble on a great system for keeping track of it all. On helpful tip is less social media, more blogs and magazines and real books, but we all know how easy that is!

I recently read and enjoyed the old-fashioned paper books All You Can Ever Know by Nichole Chung and The Possessed by Elif "I'll read anything she writes" Batuman. Oh, also Asymmetry, which I'm happy to go back to with my virtual book club soon.

Mark and I have watched the first episode of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat (which was FAT, not SALT, which obviously offends my sensibilities a little bit), and I really love Samin Nosrat and enjoyed everything about the episode except the graphic and possibly gratuitous pig-butchery that occurs. Anyway, several family members got a copy of her book last year at Christmas, including Isaac, and I read about half of his copy. And (to get to my point), this article about candy tasting by Samin is so fun. The caramels at the beginning reminded me of Holly, who adores them.

I love you, Jenny Holzer.

"Solastalgia is a combination of three elements: 'Solas' references the English word 'solace,' which comes from the Latin root solari meaning comfort in the face of distressing forces. But it is also a reference to 'desolation,' which has its origins in the Latin solus and desolare, which both connote ideas of abandonment and loneliness. 'Algia' comes from the Greek root -algia, which means pain, suffering, or sickness."

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