Monday, June 04, 2018

interesting, and modern

There is probably nothing better in this world than Gus's tail.

So, I think of this as "periodically reminding the dogs that they're domesticated." Also known as walking around the neighborhood in the rain.

  • Scooping the poop of someone else's dog is almost as bad as changing the poopy diaper of someone else's baby toddler.
  • People who let their dogs poop in the middle of the sidewalk vs. People who voted for Trump*
  • I need a word for a summer variation on hygge — when the sky goes dark mid-day and you have to turn on lights and pull out a sweater and maybe make a cup of hot tea. 
  • A house in our neighborhood sold recently and today is the closing. We assume a walk-through was going on this morning, and there was an annoying** car parked in front.  

*Clearly you'd prefer to be on a desert island with the first person. You'd constantly be stepping in dog poop (assuming their dog could be on the island too), but then there would be a dog on the island! 
**white BMW

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