Saturday, March 05, 2016

Hello, Friend.


I had great success ordering a very inexpensive bra online a few months ago. But now I am trying to get two more bras the same way (I am constantly short on them, because I wash them lazily and also they get weird and stretched out and uncomfortable over time), and I keep striking out. I currently have a heap of bras that I have to take to UPS and send back.

Kinder, gentler:

I refuse, with all this Donald Trump stuff. I refuse. I just can't think about it anymore, I need cute animal videos and gentle BBC shows and flowers and hot cups of tea. Mark and I have as a result been binge-watching all of Downton Abbey lately. And making avocado toast and poaching eggs and dusting things. And so on.


I do. February was hard on many people I care about. I try to take my worry every morning to an island and leave it there, and I am generally fairly successful. And I have an innate optimism that just inevitably comes out like an annoying cheerleader, no matter what.


I have found you a site at which you can find the answer to this one very important question before you watch a movie: DOES THE DOG DIE?

Who wouldn't want to take a Handmaid's Tale walking tour of Cambridge, Mass?

The story of #YayHamlet. And more #YayHamlet, connections between Shakespeare and Hamilton. And finally, I really want a #YayHamlet t-shirt!

Cheer yourself up with these raccoon Gifs!

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