Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I asked Mark if he would please dispose of the corpse in our back yard if he has time before he and Isaac leave for New York (where Isaac is moving into a Washington Heights apartment for his Union Semester semester!). After forcing myself to gaze at the thing with teeth, I determined that it is definitely the body of our former friend, Mr Groundhog, who was cute and fat and waddly, also rarely seen.

(I was thinking about "corpse" versus "carcass," how one is generally used for people and the other for animals, which made me think about the German verb "essen," "to eat," which apparently only applies to humans--animals "fressen" instead. I am absolutely guilty of anthropomorphizing--in fact, I kind of love it--but I've known some animals way too well to think of them as just eating like animals until they turn into carcasses...I mean that even at my most rational, I grant them some emotional lives and some individuality.)

Anyway, I don't want to deal with the remains of the formerly adorable gentleman known as Mr Groundhog.

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ganching said...

I hope the funeral has taken place by now.