Tuesday, January 19, 2016

One row above, one row beneath

There is something in the back yard that is so disturbing. It's a thing that Gus found back there and Mark let him play with a little, tossing it around happily, and then they came in and just left it there. It's a thing with teeth, and the only reason I haven't had a nightmare about it yet is that I only just saw it with my own eyes this afternoon. Yep, it's got teeth, I thought to myself.

In dream news, I have been remember boring bits, like in one dream I was at a lecture but I couldn't keep my eyes open (I am often exhausted beyond belief in my dreams), and then I was applying some lip balm in a bathroom but squirted it all over myself. It was clear and smelled like peppermint, and I was wiping it off my coat with a damp paper towel.

But the dream of the thing with teeth is coming.

Oh, in the category of disturbing things with teeth, there's this horrific item.


Joanna said...

A thing with teeth! EEYAHGH!!

Liz Woodbury said...

I know, what is it about TEETH??

unemployed negativity said...

When I was a kid I found a squirrel skull that I bleached and kept my room. My mother was not happy.