Monday, March 02, 2015

In My Neighborhood

Neighborhood update:

The corgi people keep collecting corgis, and now have (at least) three of them.

There is a beautiful snow whale around the corner from our house, except today I saw that its head's been a little bit bashed in.

All the houses have icicles, even the Perfect House. I look at them and think about the attics inside, about the insulation in the attics. About warm air and water melting and freezing.

There are so many birds--so many huge robins lately, and I was worried for them until I read that this is normal, they are fine. They don't migrate, exactly, and do perfectly well in cold weather. They may be Canadian robins, larger than the usual ones, or just puffed up in their winter feathers.

There is still snow crunching under my boots, and as cold as it is, I love that sound. Even more, I love (as I did when I was eight) cracking think sheets of ice with my feet. There's nothing more disappointing than a stretch of ice-puddles on the sidewalk that have already been broken (no doubt by an eight year-old).

Inside our house, the slow kitchen progress continues. All of the tile is up, and most of it is grouted. We have some painting to do, a window sill to stain, seal, and install, a pendant lamp to hang, a floor to clean, stain, and seal. AND THEN the cabinets.

Theo the cat, the wonderful wonderful cat.

Here is Theo standing on his hind legs, admiring the tile work.

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