Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Iced In

I was listening to a story about this woman who's been stuck alone on an island for a month, and when I heard that she has plenty of food, a phone, Internet, and her dog, I thought, "Well that wouldn't be so bad!" The lack of running water, I guess, would be not so fun. But otherwise--her friends even airdropped some coffee and other stuff for her.

It's probably good, however, that we live in Maine's largest city, with actual people we have to speak to and interact with from time to time. And reliable running water, always.

This says so much.

It's supposed to be 45 degrees tomorrow, which sounds like summer weather at this point! But there's a lot of snow out there, and when it melts, it's going to be a mess...

Ruthless Portland, Maine power couple? Or just Mark and me?

But on we go, out into the world every day, back into our house to huddle in sweaters beside the stove, to drink hot drinks and eat fried eggs on things (spaghetti!*) and watch TV and read books and old New Yorkers and work and work and venture back out with Gus again.

I am always proud of Zoë and Isaac, pretty much bursting with how amazing they both are, but lately they are making it really hard for a mom not to brag like crazy.

*Which makes me think of the inimitable "More Spaghetti I Say," with its stuck-in-my-head-for-life lines,

"Oh no.
I can't play.
I can't play with you, Freddy.
Not now.
Can't you see?
I am eating spaghetti."

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