Saturday, January 10, 2015


Movies I want to see:

Stories We Tell
Inherent Vice
Before Midnight
We Are the Best!
Gone Girl

My list of books I want to read is so long and unwieldy, there's no way I'll get to all of them in one lifetime. A tragedy! As Mary Ruefle says, "What book will you be reading when you die? If it’s a good one, you won’t finish it. If it’s a bad one, what a shame."


Anonymous said...

I liked Stories We Tell and Ida. Couldn't stand Before Midnight. Thank you for sharing your list.

Liz Woodbury said...

Did you like the first two movies in the "Midnight" series? I have been meaning to see "Stories We Tell" forever!

Unemployed Negativity said...

I want to revisit the whole Before series. I also look forward to reading about each of these in haiku form.

Anonymous said...

I think I liked the first two. I don't know if I have changed or if Before Midnight was just bad. It seemed like they just wanted to hear themselves talk, especially the Julie Delpy character and now they are older and it is just different somehow. I didn't make it to the end of the movie, but probably watched more than half. When you watch it, please post your thoughts, maybe I'm being too critical. Hope to watch some of the others on your list soon.