Friday, November 29, 2013


Wow, this month is really careening forward, isn't it? Tomorrow's the thirtieth, and thirty days has...November. And then, friends, it's December, and there's baking to be done. We spent Thanksgiving playing games and reading and watching Dallas Buyers Club at the Nick and eating Indian food with David M at Hi Bombay because Tandoor was closed, if you can believe such a thing. Today we talked to Zoƫ on the phone--she flies to Budapest in just a few days, is packing up her life in Madurai and saying goodbye to her host family and friends.

Now I am listening to my Cab Calloway holiday Pandora station while Mark braves Home Depot in search of holiday lights. I spent all day painting! Yes, still the bathroom! We are seriously nearing the home stretch, especially if you don't count the floor. We haven't quite decided what to do with the floor yet. Ahh, but it's going to be such a pretty little bathroom!

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