Saturday, November 30, 2013


Gus, not at interested in a modeling career as it turns out. It made him very sad to pose with my scarf.

The bathroom progresses! Ahh, it's looking lovelier with every passing hour. This photo shows both paint and tile as darker than they really are--they are both just a little creamy colored. The trim and beadboard is bright white. We are leaning toward staining the floor instead of painting it. We need to hem the fancy shower curtain we bought. Everyone who's ever taken a shower in this bathroom is going to be filled with delight when they see it in person, just you wait! It's not gross at all anymore!

This is a somewhat unceremonious way to end my month of blog posts every single damn day, but I have to go put a second coat of paint behind the toilet so Mark can put the back of the toilet back on so we can have a fully functioning bathroom again. AdiĆ³s, gatos!

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