Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Twelfth is a funny word. Here is a quote from Twelfth Night:

“O time, thou must untangle this, not I.
It is too hard a knot for me t'untie.”

I like that one.

Did you notice right away that today is 11/12/13? Do you think something magical will happen today?

Outside looks like this today:

And it feels so cold. Note: I'm back to Bean boots. I'll probably have those on my feet more often than not for the next five months! I am thinking I should pimp them out, by which I mean I should get some red shoe laces for them.

And inside looks like this:

Biggest, warmest sweater, hot cup of tea, pellet stove on five, attempting to focus and get some work done.

Today's telervision recommendation: Les Revenants, or The Returned. It's spooky, and it's about dead people coming back to life, but here's the thing. They're not zombies. It's subtle and odd in a French way, and yes it has subtitles, but I can almost guarantee you won't fall asleep.

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