Saturday, May 25, 2013

the rain cold as the sea, the sea deep as love

Empty-nested this weekend, as Zoë spends a few last days with her great friend Sujata and Isaac  takes an SAT class at Harvard and gets generally spoiled by his grandparents. My boy is sixteen for two more days, my girl has her feet planted on the ground of this continent for seventeen more days, the month of May is here for six more days, the rain will last for one more day (I have spoken, do you hear me, rain?).

I am listening to Kishi Bashi like crazy this morning, also getting little sneak peeks of The National's new album. Mark and I finished Rectify last night, and I love some things about it so much, so I'm looking forward to another season. I am pretty much jumping up and down with excitement about Arrested Development on Sunday, and I'm nearly as excited about the Coen brothers' new film and Wes Anderson's too.

*title of this post from Mary Ruefle's Rain Effect

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