Thursday, May 23, 2013


Because of the rain and the gray and the chill, and the animals' sensitive tummies and their furry butts. And because Mark is back on the job hunt, and because a cup of tea got spilled upon a Necessary Laptop.

But really, things are still more like this:

Because, I love almost everyone, almost everything in my life. An old friend came to visit from the past, my girl came home, we've spent some time all-four-of-us, which I love. There has been great food and good movies and a sweet Iron & Wine concert (complete with pre-concert Sam Beam sighting/interaction), friends, family, books, funny telervision,* Hindi music, dogs and their people, magical fog, longer and longer days.

Not only that, but I got Firefox to put the damn photos on my blog.

*Ken Cosgrove tap dancing. All of the blooper reels from The Office, not to mention the stellar final episode.

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