Sunday, March 03, 2013

Winter Gets Cold in Ways You Always Forget

Yawn. We're bored of slush and snow and gloves and boots and itchy socks and cleaning the pellet stove and scraping the car. Actually, I lie: Gus loves the snow so much, he would be happy in Antarctica, I'm sure of it. We persevere, we venture out in our layers and enjoy the sun when it appears and appreciate our warm waterproof footwear and one of us rolls in the snow and eats the snow and buries his whole head in the snow with joy.

And then we all come inside and take a nap.

My brother David was in Boston for work briefly, and he brought the sweeties with him to hang out with my mom and dad. I drove down there on Saturday to play with them for a day, and it was wonderful.

We had brunch at Clover Food Lab, where Stella and Ben got to work drawing pictures and we all ate delicious popovers and fruit salad and drank perfect coffee. We strolled around Cambridge in the sunshine, played at a funky playground, and got some quality hide-and-seek time in back at Mom and Dad's condo.

 (That's my sweet brother, not standing in front of a dart board or modern torture device.)

Okay, March, let's go. Let's march together in the direction of sun and growing things and finally putting a different pair of shoes on our feet.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that. I seriously am flaking out from lack of sunshine. Wait, is that a partly cloudy sky I see today? Ecstasy!

Melissa Crowe said...

Your brother looks so much like your mom! Both have great faces. :-)