Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Slowing Down For Happiness

I love where I live, most of the time.

My ocean! My sky! Almost every day I get to visit this beach, which is a five minute drive or 30 minute walk from my front door, and see what the water and the clouds are doing. Just putting my Bean Boots on the sand does something so good for my entire self.

Last weekend, Isaac and Mark went to New York, where Isaac started his occasional internship at Issue Project Room. He is planning to spend a few days there every two or three weeks to help them with their video and audio archives--he spent most of Monday editing for them. When he's in New York, he'll be able to stay with Zoë and commute to Brooklyn!

I stayed home with these characters, above and below.

Today, I am loving

:: Gus and Theo's sweet faces and funny personalities
:: getting to spend more time with Isaac since he's "home" "schooled"
:: these buckwheat and almond meal waffles
:: black tea with milk
:: the pellet stove on 5
:: both the word "longjohns" and my actual longjohns
:: finding sprinkles/jimmies in strange places throughout my house (I'll tell you why soon)
:: daffodils in a vase made by Max
:: our newest addiction: House of Cards on Netflix

Today, I miss

:: my brothers, especially, and other loves
:: my red sandals
:: open windows

Coming Home by Mary Oliver


Melissa Crowe said...

Ooh--we were thinking of starting House of Cards. Good, then?

Liz Woodbury said...

I really like it so far--we've only watched two episodes, but it was hard to stop after two!

mama d said...

Oh my goodness! Peter and I just discovered House of Cards--episode 3 is on the docket for tonight! Makes it OK that we can't get the Westminster Kennel Club channel.

Liz Woodbury said...

Oh Mama D I'm so glad you're watching too! We are on episode 8, I think. I really like it.