Monday, February 18, 2013


Some days the Internets are just such a distraction. My monkey mind is all over the place today, remembering and forgetting things I needed to look up: the phone number of the consignment shop so I can finally haul those bags of clothes away; the cost of an iphone speaker docking thingamajig; the doggie daycare we thought we might check out; movie times; what to make for dinner tonight; various people's grammar I must correct for them; the calendars of my family members; paint colors; etc etc etc.

Speaking of paint colors, can you believe the colors this world comes in, sometimes? I'm amazed, not every single day, but at least once a week. Even in February, which is like my arch enemy of the calendar year.

I know it's short, at least in number of days, but it feels endless, cold cold and gray and I don't even think it's entirely to do with the weather. Happily, my Academy Awards weekend with my mom looms toward the end of this month (we are staying in a fancy hotel in Boston so we can watch the Oscars on TV!), and Gus keeps me from hibernating, which is so good for my brain and my body.

Today I craved blueberries, so I bought some and ate almost the entire pint. Out of season, non local, delicious organic blueberries. For breakfast, I ate them on my farro/coconut milk porridge with almonds. For lunch I ate them for dessert after some little tomatoes and goat cheddar and avocado drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Yesterday I watched a good movie (Argo) and an excellent movie (Amour). If I see Les Mis and Django this week, I will have fulfilled a personal goal (to see all the best picture nominated films). I can already tell you this: Amour should win, and Lincoln will win.

Isaac's in New York this week--for fun and volunteering and visiting Zoë. This cat misses him! So do I, but I don't feel the need to climb on people's laps and purr incessantly and attack their hair and lick their noses. Well, maybe a little I do.

So it's me and these two sweethearts of mine this week.

Mark and I are cooking food and taking walks on the beach and guess what? We bought a new telervision, our first non-hand-me-down TV since 1989. It's a twenty first century television. Come over to my house and we can watch movies, okay? I'll even make popcorn.


Melissa Crowe said...

Okay! And will you make me a PBJ, too? And some tea?

Liz Woodbury said...

You know I will, and I will put it on a fancy plate and froth your soy milk, even.