Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Dark of December

Here's how my life goes these days: I wake up early. It takes me an hour to actually be awake, and I usually spend that hour drinking coffee, listening to the BBC, reading blogs and the book of faces, and holding this guy in my lap. He loves me most first thing in the morning.

This guy sleeps in til 6:30 or so. I wake all the boys up at once.

My days continue to be writing and sewing and procrastinating and making lists (lately, they involve Christmas-type things). There are dog walks in there, and laundry and terrifying animals with the vacuum. I left my menagerie last weekend to visit my sweet girl in New York, and we had so much fun despite the fact that she was in the throes of looming finals/papers.

Rockefeller Center photo op!

Sobaya with Zoë!

Early Christmas gift--a swingy a-line wool coat. Check out her shoes. Check out that color-coordinated fire extinguisher in the corner of her suite's kitchen.

On the subway. And then, home to these guys and the human guys too. It was a lovely visit, holiday lights and busy campus stuff and great food and coffee. I got to meet several of Zoë's friends, see her suite finally, and even went to her favorite yoga place with her in Harlem.

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