Monday, October 01, 2012

My Thrifty Friends

I am a thrift shop enthusiast in theory, but I tend to have bad luck and/or am so horribly indecisive that I run, screaming (in my head) from the shop, with nothing to show for my careful shopping.

Observe, however, what some friends have found in their recent travels through church sales, grocery store book bins, and thrift shops.

The Greengage Summer, found by Emily in the aforementioned "grocery store book bin." Who knew there was such a thing? She loaned me this book, and it was wonderful.

Emily is the best thrift shopper I know, by the way. She has a knack for finding really, really good stuff. If she's wearing an adorable cashmere sweater, for example, she undoubtedly found it at Goodwill.

David M, who has lavished so many beautiful antique/weird books on us over the years, is another ace finder. And usually, he just finds things in random places (the basement of his building, for example). This vintage Parcheesi game, however, he purchased at a church sale in Lovell, Maine.

And my very own Mark found these paintings, below, at our local Goodwill store. And not only did he find them, he actually purchased them. And hung them upon the wall. And they are sad clowns, friends. If you come and have a sleepover at our house, you will most likely get to fall asleep with these guys being sad right beside you. Lucky, lucky you!

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