Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pride Rock

I dreamed that I was worried about Isaac, who had gone off in the cold with Stella and a very small dog. I couldn't find him, Mark, or Ellen in my cell phone contacts, and I couldn't remember their numbers. Meanwhile, the floors of my house were sagging so that you had to walk only where there were supporting beams underneath. I found that there was solid floor in a little hallway, and also a blast of warm air from a radiator (I was freezing in my dream), so I sat there to check my phone again and found I had an email from Zoë. She reported that she had taken a little side trip to somewhere in Africa for a few weeks, staying "at the very top of Pride Rock!" She said that she kind of wished she were at the bottom, though, where "the daffodils are always blooming." She also said, "If Africa were a monkey, I'd only know as much as the very tip of its tail." Isaac's friend Anthony came to the door with an ax, asking if we had any firewood. I told him we didn't, but to "chop up anything you want."


Melissa Crowe said...

Have the filmmakers in your life ever thought of making a series of short films based on your dreams? I'd like to watch 'em.

mama d said...

Wow! Stranger than strange! I'm always impressed with your memory of dream details, and I'm so happy that Zoe made it to Africa, even if only in a dream. That was a funny dream to have on such a hot night when Mama D was short on dreams because she couldn't get to sleep until after 5 AM.