Saturday, March 24, 2012


Apparently, it's spring. We've had days lately that felt like July, i.e. windows open at night. This is bizarre (and possibly terrifying), of course, but also very pleasant. Our current forecast includes plenty of temperatures in the 40s, and today's weather predicts a high of (only) 50, so it looks like we'll be somewhat back to normal for a spell.

Hey, Zoë got her wisdom teeth out ten days ago and they're still giving her trouble. "Healing up nicely" was a bit premature, as it turns out. She spent all day yesterday getting herself taken care of and getting antibiotics, being diagnosed by a nice Indian dental resident (?) at the NYU emergency dental clinic. Unfortunately, her mouth still hurt like hell at bedtime last night. I really really hope that she starts to feel better today.

As for me, there is work and open windows, one day a homemade Vietnamese iced coffee, coffee out with friends, an Extra Dog, good books to make up for that other one, watching the Sopranos at night with Mark and Isaac, talking to dentists on the phone, adding rows everyday to my endless blanket, and yesterday even a little digging in the cool, dark dirt in my flower garden.

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