Monday, March 19, 2012


Although overall Zoë is healing up nicely after Wednesday's wisdom tooth removal, her mouth aches so badly at night that she's not sleeping well. She decided to stay at home an extra day before heading back to school on the bus, so we got a bonus day with her.

It was bright and warm, and we drank the very first iced coffee of the year. A snack on the pier, a walk on the beach. We met a many-toed cat and Zoë fell in love with it (it was mutual).

I hope she feels like she got a little bit of spring break this week, despite the fact that most of it was spent watching Hindi movies, eating soup, rinsing with salt water, knitting socks. It sure was nice to have her here. I thought, guiltily, more than once that I was glad she had to have oral surgery, so we could keep her captive! If she hadn't needed to do that this week, she might have gone off on some adventure instead...

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