Monday, January 23, 2012

a little birdhouse in my soul

don't mind me, i'm just messing around with my blog template a little bit. i want to make my pictures bigger, maybe. especially the following, which should be entitled, "well hello! and welcome to my bathroom."

ugh, don't ask. well, okay, since you ask: we have one of those house issues that i think of as a twisted kind of rube goldberg machine, all impossibly interconnected. there are pipes in the bathroom that are leaking a bit into the kitchen ceiling. they are old, made of lead, and basically dissolving. and in a tricky place to get to, so we need to rip up the bathroom floor to deal with them. meanwhile, the bathroom, which was "redone" in a really sloppy way right before we bought this house, needs to actually be redone. here's where it gets boring, so let me just wind this up by saying we needed to scrape off all the old floral wallpaper, and we did. and beneath that are walls of utter weirdness. story to be continued.*

below, i present exhibit a, me at work in the wintertime. i don't think i've ever actually taken a photo of my beloved hot bag of corn, made for me years ago by my maman. november through may this thing is my security blanket, constant source of warmth, and pretty much the only reason i can't get along without a microwave. i made isaac and mark each their own hot bags of corn this year for christmas, because they were both stealing mine all the time.


ah, the birdhouse in my soul. have you ever seen a more gorgeous thing? this was a christmas gift from my sweet (absent) brother and sister-in-law. i don't know if it will live here permanently--i keep moving it around trying to find the perfect spot. it is way too gorgeous to go outside, by the way.

*this story might involve paint. or it might involve beadboard. or tile. or all three! it might involve happy hours of working together to make our (only) bathroom lovely, or it may involve the wringing of hands and great cries of despair. i'll keep you updated.


Melissa Crowe said...

Yipes! Let us know if you need help.

Liz Woodbury said...

we will! and don't be afraid to come over and use our bathroom--it looks much better now, weird walls and all.

mama d said...

We came home from our wedding to find our bathroom sink pipe leaking forcefully into our hallway. My dad and uncle rushed upstairs with a hatchet, some hammers, duct tape and a willingness to rip up the bathroom floor, which they did, and pretty soon the leak was "fixed"! Your picture really reminded me of that day. Too bad they're not still around to help you with bathroom remodeling!

Liz Woodbury said...

aw, i wish they were!! mark is a whiz at plumbing (hee hee). still.