Thursday, December 15, 2011

collecting little kisses that are due me

this dog-of-the-day comes to you from christmas in carolina 2010. that's jonah, enjoying some quiet time with minnow, who is enjoying some quiet time with a tennis ball.

i am in that weird holiday stage of feeling like there are a million things to do, but not being sure where to start, exactly. i am organizing and baking and hoping that's what i should be doing.*

several days ago i purchased some boxes for mailing things at walgreens, and i had the following exchange.

cashier: oh! mailing some last minute packages?
me: no. no, it's december twelfth. it's only december twelfth.
her: oh.

i think i came across as kind of mean, which was not my intention. but i'd been thinking i was way ahead of the game. which, really, i was.

*i am working too, but i must admit i jump up from my work with great frequency to rustle around in the basement, or make a cup of tea, or mix up a batch of cookies.

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