Monday, December 12, 2011

and all of your kin

today's dog is my german shepherd cousin, ze, who lives in kansas. here he is, shopping for treats at three dog bakery with my uncle chuck.

yesterday i made maida heatter's recipe for ginger almond biscotti, and my house smelled so good. i love her quotes about baking, like, "happiness is baking cookies." i am slowly filling my freezer with cookies (isaac is also slowly eating them, but with any luck i will outpace him).

you know what else i made that was delicious? vegan fried chicken.

as i cooked and baked, i wondered, "why is sufjan stevens so sad about christmas?"


Anonymous said...


ze dog

Joanna said...

that cousin dog looking over the counter makes me happy. i've always wanted a german shepherd.

in lieu of which-- i'm off to buy ingredients to bake cookies!