Sunday, December 11, 2011

do you see what i see?

happy sunday to you. last night i made a batch of chocolate-peppermint bars, to add to the almond toffee bars already in the freezer. yesterday i also attended a meeting of the very tiny book group,* listened to christmas music, hung around with isaac, and ate what may have been a pound of kale with tahini dressing for dinner (it was so good).

meanwhile, mark is in new york this weekend, where he is visiting zoë, doing some christmas shopping, and enjoying new york at the holidays, when it is so festive. for example, dozens (hundreds?) of santas walking down the sidewalk, suddenly. he thought it was a santa pub crawl, but it turns out to have been santacon. of course.


*the group is tiny, but the book is endless.

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE this photo! sooze