Wednesday, November 09, 2011


hey, if you are a fan of breaking bad you might want to listen to this insider podcast (but be warned, it's chock full of spoilers!).

also, did you know there is a contest to win a walk-on part on the show? weird.* and a four-day trip to alburquerque. no, really. also, i spelled albuquerque right on the first try. and yes, i entered.

this gets funnier every time i watch it. mostly because i have observed isaac do nearly this exact thing.

i have also been watching parks and recreation lately, usually while i sew many scarves for this year's close buy catalog order. gosh, i love amy poehler.

i thought about having this post be a list of nine complaints, but i could only come up with four (and two of them were driving-related, which is particularly boring to read about). the first had to do with comic sans. come on, everyone. educators, especially. comic sans is not "fun." let's have a little dignity. also? learn to love the BCC option when you're sending school-related emails to hundreds of people. oh, i though of another one! you don't write a "blog." you write a "blog post." or you "blog," verb, though i'm partial to "write."

enough complaints.

*because...can you imagine what that part might be? a dead and partially dismembered body? a car wash customer? a dominican laundry worker?


Joanna said...

I just started watching Breaking Bad. The first couple episodes were so violent! But the next few after that may have hooked me.

So, I think I gave up on Novel month. It may be necessary to have more of a plan before I start . . . I do, however, now have 20 rambly pages of . . . rambling. I'm going to re-group and decide a different way to challenge myself to write. :/

Joanna said...

Oh, sorry-- here's why I originally went to comment: Do you listen to Marc Maron's WTF podcast? He did good Amy Poehler and Bryan Cranston interviews. (I usually skip some of the first 15 minutes of MM talking.)

Liz Woodbury said...

i must confess i still have not written one single new word. i did go back through 2009's "novel" and realize that i abruptly killed off a character's mother (she appeared at a birthday party early on, and then later i wrote a long thing about how she had died when the character was a little girl). after i deleted the reference to the mother's death, i realized that i had actually LOST ground, word count-wise. so we'll see. good luck with your writing! let me know if you come up with a challenge to yourself that seems to work.

AND no, i have never listened to marc maron, but thanks to you, i am at this very moment listening to his amy poehler interview!!

Joanna said...

good luck with your writing, too! i think i can do something with what i wrote, but i'm not sure it's a novel . . .

yes, love amy poehler. she's the coolest.

and maybe i'll enter the BB contest. that would be *really* funny.