Thursday, September 08, 2011

gratuitous dog photo and granny's burritos

minnow, napping with a ball, above. note enormous muppet paws.

today i lunched with the checkout girl at the newly re-re-opened granny's burritos in the public market house. i enjoyed her company way too much to complain (at the time) about the actual burrito, which--despite claims at the counter that it was the real, authentic granny's, complete with the original recipe book--was a little disappointing. i can't entirely put my finger on why, since part of the granny's experience was a je ne sais quoi that may very well have been connected with the stoned and friendly staff on fore street. they didn't always put what you ordered in that brown paper bag, but everything tasted so good. even when ordered with "no cow," which is how melissa and i requested our sweet potato (her) and guacamole (me) burritos. here's my basic breakdown of the experience:

1. they were smaller than the old granny's, not stuffed as messily full of stuff. my first couple of bites were all flour tortilla, with a strange taste of cilantro (this wouldn't necessarily be strange in a burrito, but i don't remember it circa 2002).
2. they were bland and cold. they weren't always this way, were they? are the beans not cooked the same way? is there not as much salsa?
3. i often ordered granny's vegan style back in the day, and as long as there was something creamy in there (i.e. guacamole or sweet potato), they were full of flavor. i'm not positive there was any guacamole at all in this one, maybe just a dollop. melissa reported a similar sweet potato situation.

i'm not giving up--i will try the new granny's again. but i felt a little crestfallen at first taste. good thing i was with one of my very favorite people, because i had a lovely time catching up with her and solving all of the world's problems.

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Melissa Crowe said...

Ditto everything.