Thursday, September 22, 2011

i like the maps and the instability of the geography that situates places in my head*

mark and minnow and i went to grafton notch state park on saturday, a two hour drive through pretty little villages like harrison and waterford, into the white mountains (which make me say, "ooh!" even as i recognize and immediately feel apologetic for how relatively little they are, mountain-wise. they are still pretty impressive to a coastal girl like me).

as you can see, adventures ensued, many of them involving minnow sitting patiently in scenic locations while i took his picture. we saw hills and waterfalls and lots of moss, and we hiked a very little bit of the appalachian trail. minnow was an enthusiastic hiker, forging through streams and up rocky hills with fortitude. then he fell sound asleep on the back seat the whole way home. jeeze, this state is a lovely place.

*from memory of water, by reina maria rodriguez

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