Saturday, June 04, 2011

work some voo-doo magic

i didn't realize this had been captured on film--the chair trick, mentioned here, and numerous times before, being performed at isaac's birthday celebration by a bunch of men in my kitchen. "captured on film." i guess i took this photo, unless it was taken by jason using mark's phone. have you tried this trick? i'm serious, you should. but wait and let me show you how it's done, since watching people be amazed is my favorite.

we are babysitting miss lulu, who really hates the ice cream truck. i am attempting to teach her the beauty of sitting in the back yard, just hanging out. we don't have to go anywhere, lulu. we can just be.

settling catan, eating too many peanut butter cups. staying up too late reading about mormons. dogs and coffee, opening the window. the sunshine and glowing green still seem unfamiliar and gift-like.


Danni said...

I had a dream about peanut butter cups last night. The chair trick is intriguing. You should do a blog/tutorial on this.

Liz Woodbury said...

what a good idea, danni! i should, although i'm serious about how much i love actually witnessing the moment when someone sees this done for the first time ever. they're always like, "wait...what?!"