Friday, June 03, 2011

the pavement under me, reeling with feet

this truck drove by my window. i like the goats pictured on it, and i like the fact that it says "our animals are vegetarians and don't do drugs."

i took a walk with the dancer through evergreen cemetery, which was so summery. the walk, i mean, and the talk. and the cemetery too. poor little freddie.

spring is definitely here, the windows are open more often than not, and both my favorite redhead and my favorite gentleman farmer have celebrated birthdays recently. we attended graduation at the learning shack yesterday, which was extra enjoyable since i don't know many kids in the class of 2011 and thus didn't weep. that school puts on a pretty wonderful graduation, though. eleven days of school left for the boy, and about seven weeks until the return of the girl!

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erin said...

My sister had a project for History where she had to find a confederate soldier's burial placard up here in PA and take a photo of herself with it. Me and Elijah spent a whole weekend manically surveying every cemetery in our area to no avail. It was very surreal and sad to see my vicarious youngest sister and my healthy bouncing baby boy running through the grave stones and mausoleums.