Friday, June 17, 2011

sons are like birds

the last day of ninth grade for my boy, which makes me want to listen to this song and cry a little bit. but just a tiny bit. we've celebrated, so far, with otto pizza and frisbee and bowling. we're also celebrating the fact that he was accepted into an architecture and design camp this summer that looks amazing.

today we are also saying goodbye to zoë's childhood bed, moving in a better option (i.e. bigger) for guests who might stay in her room while she's away at school (yes, it's still her room -- we're not turning it into an official guest room or a studio or an office or a ping pong room or any of the other infinite options). and, even better, we get to imagine her actually living in that room for the summer!

in other news, my itunes on shuffle seems to want to play something by beck, like, every four songs. coincidence, or scientologist conspiracy?

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