Wednesday, May 18, 2011


i'm in north carolina visiting my sweetie stella kate and her new baby brother ben.* rumor has it that i'm missing some cold, gray, damp weather back home in maine, which is nice, but the nicest thing is waking up every morning to this smiling face, hearing her sweet voice say, "IZZIE!" she's a sunshiney girl, for sure. and her baby brother's pretty cute too - below, ben with his superhero mom.

i'm here to "help," although there have been plenty of moments i've drawn a complete blank on all things baby-and-child. what DO you do when both kids are screaming simultaneously (that only happened once)? etc. it was a long time ago that i slung isaac over my shoulder while sitting on the floor playing with zoe and her lion king guys. anyway, i'm doing my best to be helpful, but mostly it's just fun to hang out with these two and their amazing parents.

*i traveled here on a train, which was awesome. dad loaned me his ipad, i packed exactly the right snacks, my seat was incredibly comfortable, the view was lovely, and the hours flew by.

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