Saturday, April 23, 2011

pied à terre

scenes from 36 hours in cambridge (mom and dad are visiting stella and her family right now, as everybody gets ready for the arrival of stella's baby brother -- so we lounged around their empty condo for a couple of days).

colorful cacti.

isaac says this to me a lot.

smart bookstore.

punjabi dhaba for lunch!

mark and i took a walk through harvard square, got coffee and cookies from crema cafe, and sat in the sunshine with a view of flowers.

one of many buddhas.

art by me, circa 1972. this is "sunny day," and on the flip side is "rainy day," which is done hastily with a blue ballpoint pen. to depict the grimness of a rainy day? or because i ran out of enthusiasm for the project? "sunny day," as you can see, illustrates the joy of a sunny day, complete with the sun's rays shooting through the air, and bunches of insanely happy, big-eyed people wearing hats and smoking pipes.

home from cambridge. minnow's ear was in the cup holder.

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