Saturday, February 26, 2011

thoughts on my funeral

caveat: i don't actually care too much about it, since i won't be able to make it myself,* and i should emphasize that i plan to stick around for about fifty more years, but here are my current thoughts on the matter:

+for my gravestone, if i have one, which i probably won't, but if: "exit, pursued by a bear." with an engraved bear, perhaps, like this one.

+play these songs at the service or whatever: heaven, by talking heads, "this must be the place," by talking heads, naked as we came, by iron and wine, maybe "the age of adz" by sufjan stevens, and "my life," by iris dement.

+here's where i start to get bored and think, "oh do whatever you want! cry a lot and have fun too!" but i don't have a special church-type place, and funeral homes are pretty grim. could you do it outside, like a picnic or something?

*i will be indisposed.


Melissa Crowe said...

I'm thinking we should have it near the ocean, so could you manage to die in summer? This is assuming I outlive you, but I don't like the ocean in winter half as much as you and Minnow do. P.S. I'll bring my new rabbit.

Liz Woodbury said...

excellent plan. i'll try to die between june and october in that case, and yes i imagine it'll be seven or eight years before you do so i'll count on you and your rabbit being there (you'll be an adorable elderly lady by then, too).