Tuesday, November 09, 2010


zoë and i finally finished our latest painting project, her bedroom. for years it's had deep red and pale yellow walls. her vision for its facelift was kind of scandinavian: soft white walls and trim, with orange doors and a medium gray for her huge wall of bookshelves. below, note the yardsale quilt, orangey pillow, banjo.

her desk, with an antique german typewriter which was a gift from our elderly german neighbor (i mean, it has a german keyboard, with the ü and everything! also, it works and she uses it to write letters. i love to hear the clacking of the typewriter coming from her room almost as much as i love the sound of banjo- or ukulele-strumming).

the timing of it is a little bittersweet -- fixing up her bedroom right before she takes off into the world. when we had finally finished putting all her books on the shelves and i stepped back to admire it, i couldn't help imagining it empty and quiet, without her living in it. but she'll be back...right?

by the way, zoë inherited the most fabulous collection from my mom: THE NURSE BOOKS. it's an amazing sight to see, truly, almost two whole shelves of them.

a couple of my favorites: island nurse.

and of course the charmingly titled nurse a la mode.


Melissa Crowe said...

It's really lovely. And you know, I'd be willing to come over and live in it. ;-) You could rent it out as a haven for stressed moms!

Liz Woodbury said...

now that's a brilliant idea! maybe a sweet little writing/craft studio for rent... or just a comfy bed to take a nap in.

erin said...

Lovely. I always promise to paint the kids rooms, but I am in love with white everything. White everything with bright comforters and painted bookshelves.

I have to really step back soon and let them have more involvement in decorating their rooms. I have a problem with thinking of the house as 'my house'.

Maybe if I let them help decorate their rooms, they'll help me clean them more!

Liz Woodbury said...

i bet they will, erin. once you get started, you'll enjoy letting them design their own rooms (and they'll LOVE it, seriously).